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Toxin Wash Hair Detox

Toxin Wash hair detox shampoo is one of the strongest chemical removal formulas available today. This amazing formula penetrates deeply into hair strand to remove virtually all traces of chemical deposits.

Chemicals can deposit into the hair either internally or externally. Swimmers hair can experience heavy chlorine saturation through external pool water contamination. 

If you’re using prescription drug medications, drug metabolites in the blood stream actually grow into the hair strand via the hair follicle. 

Either way contamination can cause damage to the hair in the way of discoloration, splitting, inability to style and hold color and worst of all, hair loss. 

Toxin wash hair detox formula will remove practically all chemicals, chlorine, and drug metabolites from the hair strand, bringing them down to negligible levels. 

What Makes Toxin Wash Different From Other Hair Cleansers? 

Other hair cleansers are basically just strong shampoos. They’re more concentrated than a standard shampoo but just not strong enough to penetrate deep into the hair strand where most toxins reside. The result is more of a surface cleansing then a deep penetrating cleanse. 

Toxin Wash Penetrates Deep Into The Hair Strand 

Effective hair detox requires a cleansing that gets deep into the hair strand, not just the surface. Toxin Wash is a strong, effective formula that penetrates deeply, which is required for complete and effective hair detoxification. 

How Did We Do It? 

In most other cleansing shampoos the active ingredients get diluted and cut down when mixed into the emulsifiers that make the final product. Through a proprietary process, we have been able to boost the effectiveness of the active ingredients in our Toxin Wash  formula. The active ingredients retain 86% of their original strength via this special process.

If you’re in the need of a hair detox formula that actually works, you should look no further than Toxin Wash. Please refer to our FAQ section, email or call with any questions. You can order by clicking here.

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